There are 3 components to the Healthier Days System:

– One Number – a percentage value that indicates the level of “healthier living” achieved.

– One Community – a forum where users share “what’s happening” in their pursuit of healthier living.

– One Challenge – created from actions listed in the Sunshine Library of Healthier Days options.

The Healthier Days System lets you pick and choose what you want to do, when you want to do it, and how you want to proceed. So, if you’ve been struggling with that feeling we all get at some point – that “maybe I should try to live a little healthier” feeling – perhaps our system can help you.

One Number

Features 10 healthier living categories – do good, drink water, eat healthier, exercise, relax, sleep, seek emotional/intellectual/social/or other forms of well-being.

You decide, for any day you choose to try living a little healthier, the categories on which you want to focus and within each what actions you plan to take – you create your own personal Healthier Living Plan for your day. Change the “what, when and how” as often as desired. Yes, this also means that “living healthier every day is not a requirement – it’s your choice!

Your “WOULD DO” Plan components for the day is compared with what you “DID” for that day. For each recorded activity, One Number (your Healthier Living Score) is calculated – it will be 100% if you did exactly what you said you would do, more/less than 100% if you did more/less.

One Community

A forum where users share “what’s happening” in their pursuit of healthier living.

Share your feelings and experience through our social media component One Community – it’s “What’s Happening” in Healthier Days:

  • It’s where you can share What’s Happening to you.
  • It’s where you can find out What’s Happening to others.

One Challenge

Created from actions listed in the Sunshine Library of Healthier Day options.

Dollars for Days

~ A donation system like no other ~

In this unique system, you contribute your Days (your Healthier Days) and these get converted to Dollars which are then donated to the designated cause. Here’s how it works:

  1. The donor (you, somebody else, an organized entity) (a.) creates a Challenge using the Healthier Day options in the Sunshine Library and (b.) establishes a contribution amount.
  2. The Challenge is issued and participants receive a Join Code. This code is unique to that single Challenge, and is required for access.
  3. Participants “live the specified Healthier Day” and record their actions in the system.
  4. The Sunshine System aggregates Days earned, converts to Dollars and makes the contribution.


You’ve already taken the first step towards the pursuit of healthier living by learning about our system. I hope you want to continue your journey by now creating a Healthier Days account. Remember, I’ll be there with you!